Advantages of Electronic Medical Records

Electronic medical records have many advantages over the old paper-based medical files. The majority of hospitals are using electronic records. Why has this happened? Simply because electronic records reduce the occurrence of medical errors due to lost or misplaced medical charts. Another benefit is that EMR software records learn this here now are less expensive to administer. Everything is stored on a computer. So, the practice doesn’t need an army of file clerks. This reduces labor costs. Another of the advantages of electronic records is the elimination of paper files. The space that was previously used for file storage can be rented to another doctor or used for other purposes. The most important advantage is that electronic medical records are a more secure system to store protected health information. The HIPAA privacy laws require the confidentiality of medical information. The EMR system secures the health data with passwords and encryption. So that, only authorized persons are able to view the records. This is known as HIPAA compliance.




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Does anyone else ever feel this way? Mental Health Catch 22


You feel as if you’re not safe, as if you could end your life any minute and you value yourself so little that it’s terrifying and you know the best way to keep safe and your family knowing that your safe is to be in a hospital. But hospitals are scary, the thought of people asking where you are and then finding out you’re in the “nut house” and actually admitting to yourself and everyone else that you’re bad enough to be sectioned is equally as terrifying?